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Diana & Christian (Cartagena)


0062-2064-_Z8A7602Ceremonia: Catedral de Cartagena
Recepción: Casa Estrella
Fotografia: MAT Fotografia
Ciudad: Cartagena







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Juliana & Jay (Cartagena)



2410-_79A3389Ceremonia: Catedral Alejandría
Recepción: Casa Estrella
Fotografia: MAT Fotografia
Ciudad: Cartagena




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JJ & Dan (Cartagena)

12 diciembre, 2015 1 comentario



0625-_MG_0454Ceremonia: Casa Estrella
Recepción:Casa Estrella
Fotografia: MAT Fotografia
Ciudad: Cartagena



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Carolina & Charles (Cartagena)

16 agosto, 2014 7 comentarios

boda en cartagena

It was 2pm in Casa Estrella (Casa Don Sancho), one of the colorful colonial house in old town Cartagena, Carolina were to meters from the ceremony room waiting for the guest to arrive, while Charles was in his room with his “mate” preparing his speech.

Carolina and Charles, your wedding was a PARTY!!!, and you guys enjoyed very single minute of it, here are a couple of pictures that will help you to live this moment again.

A hug to you two, Miguel



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Carol & Kevin (Cartagena)

Boda en Cartagena

In the “Casa Estrella” (Star house), while Kevin was taking a power nap, Carol was in her room with her friends and relatives, and their friends were taking a chill beer in the courtyard of the house.

Carol and Kevin, your wedding was amazing, you guys knows how to party!; here are a few images that will help you live again one of the most important days of your life.

A hug to you two!, Miguel

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Miranda & Pete (Cartagena)

1 febrero, 2014 41 comentarios

Cartagena Wedding

It was 2 pm in Cartagena´s old city, in a wonderful Colonial house called Casa Estrella, Miranda were with her bridemaids drinking a glass of fine champagne before the ceremony, in the mean time, Pete, in other room of the house were with all his friends and family getting ready to get married.

Miranda and Pete, your wedding was a blast!, what an amazing ceremony with Cartagena cityscape on the background and everyone had a lot of fun.

Here are a couple of images that you help you to live again one of the best days of your life.

A big hug to you two!, Miguel

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